Washington State Tourism

We built the Washington State Tourism website from 1999 to 2007, and continued to provide content management services until 2010.

In those years, we transitioned the site from a flat-html platform into a database- and geo-driven point-of-interest architecture – we effectively blew the state up into 10,000+ mapped locations, and delivered descriptions, photos, and location-aware search for each.

In 2005, we partnered with scores of photographers from Flickr, introducing them to professional best-practices with their first licensed photos (link)…and introduced a whole lot of people to Flickr itself.

In 2006, we drove all 26 Scenic Byways in Washington State, photographing, geocoding and mapping hundreds of locations. We also brought in Bradford Bohonus to create 360º VRs for a number of locations. (link)

We also provided a number of ads, trade show displays, CD-roms and other collateral material.

ClientWashington State Tourism OfficeServicesWeb | Photography | Design | AdvertisingYear1999=2010